Big Boob Stars – Tiffany Towers

Tiffany, real name Tiffany Amarziano, was born 19.12.1971 in Toronto, Canada and became a dancer in Ottawa (that’s also in Ontario, Canada) in the early 90’s. She also began doing porn movies and photo shoots around the same time and continued thru the 90’s.

Tiffany, a native Canadian originally from Ontario, was working as a housedancer in Montreal with aspirations of becoming a feature dancer. She wanted to be photographed and appear in as many magazines as she could to further her feature career. Well, as many dancers discover, she didn’t care for the life of a feature dancer. The constant traveling, the hotel rooms, the pressure, etc., and actually did very little featuring. To this day, however, she is still a frequent dancer at Canadian gentlemen’s clubs.

Tiffany modeled from 1990 to 1994 and then she returned out of retirement to pose again beginning in 1998. With the most photosets of Tiffany anywhere in the world, Scoreland allows you to compare Tiffany’s finest photos against the photos of hundreds of other models.

It’s rumored that she still dances in a Toronto Strip club even though she retired in 2001 from modelling and has since had a breast reduction. She did resurface in 2005 for a Seyemore Butts film.

Tiffany Towers


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